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Brave Soul Collective

Tim'm along with two friends, Monte J. Wolfe and Erik Chambers, started this collective in 2006 as a way to utilize the arts to speak truth to power about experiences of black queer men living with HIV.


Deep Dickollective

Tim'm is a co-founder of one of the most foundational and critically acclaimed queer hip hop collectives to date, featured in documentaries like Alex Hinton's "Pick Up The Mic" as well as The Yale Anthology of Hip Hop, and other works. Check out their "Best of" compilation here.


Sweet Tea Collective

With a collective of other queer men in the South, most of them black queer men, Tim'm worked to bring attention to what it meant to be active allies to women challenging patriarchy and sexism, not just in general, but specifically exploring how queer men perpetuate gender and sex discrimination and injustice.

LGBT Institute Programming Board

Tim'm's move to Atlanta in 2015 was largely guided by being selected to serve as a Programming Board member for this Institute bridging research and advocacy, nationally and  internationally, with a specific focus on the American South.

My Writing Professor

Tim'm created a virtual portal providing various kinds of writing support from Academic papers or professional cover letters to biographies or press releases. Have writing or editing needs? Get it done.... WRITE NOW.

Teach For  America

A founding director of Teach For America's LGBTQ Community Initiative, and Tim'm's principal job, he works to mobilize LGBTQ corps members, alumni, staff, and community members in the service of advancing safer and braver classrooms.

"Beyond the year he taught here, West continues to have a profound impact on the way Humboldt State University thinks about intersectionality, not only between racial and queer communities, but across disciplines and between campus and community. His engagement at HSU and surrounding communities, where his late mentor Eric Rofes taught in the Education Department, continues a legacy of brave educators working across many lines of difference to advance diversity, equity, and inclusiveness. I continue to utilize his groundbreaking first book Red Dirt Revival: a poetic memoir in 6 breaths, as a staple in Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies classes and in our English Department."

Christina Accomando, Ph.D., Professor, Departments of English and Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality, Humboldt State University