Flirting is Tim'm T. West's poignant follow-up to Red Dirt Revival: a poetic memoir in six breaths. Another poetic memoir, expressed mostly through poetry (though also prose and essay), West flirts with memory, girls, boys, danger, politics, and romance". West writes in the tradition of poets like Audre Lorde, Essex Hemphill, and Pablo Neruda who all seize language as a tool reflecting social change while bridging political and erotic landscapes. Here, the distinction between the personal and political is beautifully blurred. While rooted in his experiences as black, gay-identified poet, emcee, activist, and educator, Flirting is an invitation to (re)connect others to that optimistic, joyful space where, even between rocks and hard places, hope springs eternal. Beyond word play, there is profound meaning and possibility in Flirting.



    "Beyond the year he taught here, West continues to have a profound impact on the way Humboldt State University thinks about intersectionality, not only between racial and queer communities, but across disciplines and between campus and community. His engagement at HSU and surrounding communities, where his late mentor Eric Rofes taught in the Education Department, continues a legacy of brave educators working across many lines of difference to advance diversity, equity, and inclusiveness. I continue to utilize his groundbreaking first book Red Dirt Revival: a poetic memoir in 6 breaths, as a staple in Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies classes and in our English Department."

    Christina Accomando, Ph.D., Professor, Departments of English and Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality, Humboldt State University